Proper Courtroom Decorum, Please

It is extremely important to conduct yourself with courtroom manners that demonstrate respect to the judge and to the “system”, even if you are upset with a judge’s decisions or the all-too-often slow movement of the divorce process.
It is even more critical to retain an attorney who can be counted on to create a positive impression with the Court on your behalf. Your attorney is your connection to the Court. In a world where perception often becomes reality, you want to know that your attorney will present a dignified, professional face to the Court. After all, your attorney’s “face” becomes your face to the judge.
When you meet with your prospective attorney, it is essential to assess his/her knowledge of family law. But you must also assess whether this person can be counted on to conduct him/herself in the professional manner that you deserve.


How Should I Approach “Discovery”?

Litigant’s often wonder how seriously they must take the “discovery” process.  Discovery essentially boils down to the gathering of information about the marriage and the litigants that later may become the foundation of a final settlement or trial decision.  The answer is: very seriously.  Continue reading “How Should I Approach “Discovery”?”